Find that perfect vacation home or permanent lake house on beautiful Lake Sinclair

Located in central Georgia, right on the Oconee River, Lake Sinclair stretches through several counties. The lake includes Baldwin, Hancock, and Putnam counties. Created in 1953, the lake has approximately 417 miles (671 km) of scenic shoreline that winds along various coves and inlets. There are also several long stretches of open water, perfect for recreational boating pleasure. 

Although Lake Sinclair is primarily used by lake residents, there are some seasonal visitor areas too. You’ll find that Lake Sinclair is the perfect location for those who want to live full-time or part-time on the water. Here is what you can find there:

  • easy access to the water with its two public boat ramps provided by Georgia Power.
  • marinas and boat storage areas located directly on the lake.
  • access to the lake via Oconee Springs Park.
  • tournaments: Lake Sinclair is the site of both local and national fishing tournaments that attract fishermen of multiple skill levels and interests.
  • the perfect climate for fall and winter fishing at Lake Sinclair.
  • a popular fishing area below the dam near Milledgeville.
  • multiple recreation areas, including Rocky Creek Park and Oconee Springs Park,  which provide day-use facilities such as picnic tables, grills, a boat ramp, and a small beach.

In addition, discover both camping and even cabin rentals available at Oconee Springs Park. But note there is no camping at Rocky Creek Park.


Discover Your Perfect Lake Home

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